• ~$200 million of assets under management
  • Fund mandates include:
    • Real estate
    • Income
    • Energy
  • Registered Investment Fund Manager (IFM) & Portfolio Manager (PM)
  • Experienced in deal structuring and risk management


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Investing in a diversified portfolio of opportunistic western Canadian commercial real estate properties and yield generating investments.

ICM Realty Group and Invico Capital have partnered to create the ICM Invico Balanced Real Estate Trust.  Management believes that a unique opportunity exists to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by acquiring opportunistic commercial real estate properties in western Canadian markets that are experiencing some element of economic weakness or distress as a result of:

  • The decline in oil prices;
  • Job losses;
  • Political uncertainty;
  • Reduction in corporate capital spending;
  • Reduction in real estate investment activity.  

With a combination of income and growth,

the target total return is 12% - 15% per annum.


1.    Investment Thesis
2.    Why the opportunity exists
3.    Investment objectives
3.    Who is ICM Realty & Invico Capital
4.    Case studies of previous offerings
5.    Investment key features

*  Management's targeted returns.  Actual realized returns may be lower or losses may be incurred.  

**  Includes management experience from predecessor entities.


The information does not, and it is not intended to, provide any financial, legal, accounting, or tax advice, and must not be relied upon by you in that regard. The information should not be used, or relied upon by you, as a substitute for your independent research or consultation with your own financial, legal or tax advisors. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. This information does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy the securities, in any jurisdiction, including but not limited to, the United States. Consult the offering memorandum for further information.

Investment Objective:    Real Estate Growth & Income
Total Target Return:       
12%-15% p.a. *
Income Distributions:    
4% p.a. target (paid quarterly)
Investment Options:      
RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, RRIF, RESP & Non-Registered Funds
Minimum Investment:  
Maximum Offering:       
$20 Million
Redemption Options:    

Reinvestment Options:  Available              


  • ~$500 million of real estate assets under management
  • Exceptional track record:
    • 15%+ IRR on past projects**
    • Zero investor losses
    • Zero buildings lost to foreclosure
  • Long standing industry relationships providing access to quality deal flow

Key Features

  • Expanded network of real estate deal flow
  • Enhanced execution capability
  • Synergistic operational capabilities
  • Strong collective governance structure

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